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My name is Lili Vagasi. I am a bead artist, at least that describes best what I do as I am a craftswoman who works with glass beads. By profession I am a goldsmith, and during my university years I majored in art history. These two identities - the artisan and the artist - are the foundation of my work.

I find fulfillment in nature due to the fact that I grew up in one of Hungary's most picturesque towns, which is located in the Danube Bend, and surrounded by mountains, valleys, hills and the Danube. If I could choose two places, where I would want to spend my life, then one would be in nature and the other one in a museum.

The work process brings me double joy. Firstly, I am fascinated by how materials turn into objects and unique shapes. Secondly, I can grow professionally and while working I often find myself getting into a state of flow in which the activity of working and my consciousness merge together. I find true fulfillment when the tastes of the creator and the costumer meet. The customer will find what she/he is looking for in my products if she/he would like something playful, unique, elegant or classic.

I love working with different materials and techniques while I enjoy using glass beads, shells, semi-precious stones, feathers and modern materials such as polymer clay. I am constantly looking for inspiration. Therefore, I follow trends, observe people's clothing on the streets, the habits of sub-cultures as well as different kinds of works by other artists in various branches whether it be fine, applied or folk art. During my travels I take notice of different works of craft that harmonize with each other in their versatility and peculiarity. I am confident that my work expresses this experimental, harmony-searching state of mind.

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